Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and soon it will be December. Then we blink and Christmas will be here!

We have some resources to help the people of SCBC keep Christ an important and central part of all things Christmas. We know that with all the activities and business of the holidays, it is very easy for the main point to get lost. When that happens, it’s a big deal.

What we do teaches. What we don’t do teaches. So if we fail to center our lives around Christ as the reason we celebrate Christmas, we are teaching our friends, family, and children that Christmas is about something other than Christ. We know we would not ever teach those things with our words, but somehow we often miss what our actions are teaching. Teaching the right things requires effort, planning, and time in God’s Word. We must choose to make these a priority in our lives as the holidays approach. This doesn’t mean that you need to have 1-2 hour devotionals every night of the week with your family. But it does mean that you will pause regularly and direct your heart, and the hearts of those around you, to reflect on the fulfilled promises in the coming of the promised Rescuer, King Jesus.

To help you in keeping the focus on Christ, we will have several resources available on a table in the lobby. Some will have a suggested donation to help SCBC offset the purchase cost and others will be free. SCBC does not make money from book sales. Some resources will be for family devotion time and others will be for Christmas Outreach. Please note the list below and start planning how you will organize your time to reflect the priority of Christ.

Family Advent Resources:

The Christmas Promise book and Advent Calendar ($15-20 suggested donation)

The Christmas Promise and Advent Calendar. A great story that shows how God kept His promises to send a King.

Countdown to the Coming of the King – Advent Calendar Pack ($5 suggested donation)

Advent Calendar and accompanying book that helps families explore the Bible at Christmas.

Christmas Opened Up – Advent Calendar Pack ($5 suggested donation)

This is a great Bible focuses message of Christmas for both Christian and non-Christian families. Get some and deliver them to your neighbors with Christmas cookies!

Christmas Outreach Resources

Gospel Tract – The Best Present

We know Christmas is a time for presents, but why? And what’s the best present of all?

Gospel Tract – Countdown to Christmas

Did God keep His promises to send His Rescuing King?

Gospel Booklet (Christianity Explored) – the real Christmas

An evangelistic booklet designed to ‘unpack’ the real meaning of Christmas. Get one for the people you invited to Christianity Explored!

We will have a limited supply of these resources available at the church – but you can order your own!