We are looking forward to having Andrew Brunk with us this Sunday. Andrew works with Bethany Christian Services, which exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ to vulnerable children and families around the world. 
How can you prepare for Orphan Sunday?
Please take some time to consider the questions below:
  • Why does God love this world?
  • What kind of external observation do I make about people? (follow up: what do we do with those observations? do we judge? )
  • Can you think of a time when you in essence told someone who needed “food and clothing . . . be warm and filled”?  (example: do you promise to “pray for _______” but not really mean it?)
  • Does God care for the orphan? (Follow up: How should God’s care for the orphan shape and direct my care?)
  • How can you care for orphans if you don’t know any?
  • Did you know there is a great need for foster parents in the state of Delaware? Have you prayed about fostering?   Delaware fostering info
  • Did you know that about 25,000 young adults will “age-out” of foster care this year, having never been adopted, or being legally reunited with their biological families? What do you think their lives will end up looking like?
Here’s what actually happens:
  • 50% will not graduate from high school
  • as few as 2% will graduate from college
  • 50% will be unemployed
  • 50% will become parents within 2 yrs
  • 30% will be homeless
  • 25% will be incarcerated
How can helping today help reduce many of the problems of tomorrow?