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Questions for Orphan Sunday

by Josh Marlowe

We are looking forward to having Andrew Brunk with us this Sunday. Andrew works with Bethany Christian Services, which exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ to vulnerable children and families around the world.    How can you prepare for Orphan Sunday?   Please take some time to consider the questions below: Why does God love […]

Orphan Sunday – August 3rd

by Josh Marlowe

I hope that you are looking forward to orphan Sunday at SCBC. I encourage you to consider the following post by Paul Trip. This is a shared post – the original blog post (dated July 14, 2014) can be found here.   EXERCISING INFLUENCE I don’t know about you, but there are times when I’ve […]

10 Promises for Parents

by Duane Smith

by Kevin Deyoung You probably have a book mark somewhere with promises to pray for your children. You probably have good kid verses on your refrigerator about obedience and kindness and sharing with others. You probably have a few standby verses you share with the little ones when they start to get defiant and lippy. […]

SCBC Elder Candidates

by Duane Smith

This past Sunday (5/18/14) we presented 3 men as candidates for the office of elder at SCBC.  The following document was given to all in attendance. ============================= ELDERS IN THE LOCAL CHURCH According to the Bible, the church is to be led by qualified and called men known as elders.  Simply put, a church elder […]

Jesus, Friend of Sinners: But How?

by Pete

*This post was written by Kevin DeYoung and originally appeared at Everyone who knows anything about the gospels—and even those who don’t—knows that Jesus was a friend of sinners. He often drew the ire of the scribes and Pharisees for eating with sinners (Luke 15:2). Jesus clearly recognized that one of the insults hurled […]

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage

by Duane Smith

The following post is by Tim Challies and originally appeared at Marriage is under attack. Marriage has always been under attack. The world, the flesh and the devil are all adamantly opposed to marriage, and especially to marriages that are distinctly Christian. Marriage, after all, is given by God to strengthen his people and […]

Is God a Pluralist?

by Duane Smith

The following post is by Derek Rishmawy and originally appeared  at It was in my freshman composition class at the University of California, Irvine, that I first heard a professor say, “Well, you know, most of the differences in religion don’t matter. The main point is that God just wants all is just to […]