Membership at SCBC

Membership is more than a name on a list or a place to belong. Membership provides the necessary framework for individuals to walk together in obedience to God's Word; living life together, caring for one another, submitting to each other, and providing mutual accountability.


Start the process by filling out the membership form here. 

Step One: Interview

The interview is a conversation with two of the elders and the applicant(s). The conversation will give the elders a chance to hear about God's work in your life, your understanding of the gospel, and a little bit of your life story.  

Step Two: Classes

There are two classes that help applicants understand the blessings, responsibilities, and purposes of local church membership. Class scheduling and size vary based upon the individuals. Each class typically lasts 45 minutes. Please read through the class notes prior to each class.
Class One Notes 
Class Two Notes

Step Three: Membership Covenant

After an applicant completes the interview , classes, and submits signed membership agreement, the elders vote to affirm or deny the membership request. After a vote of acceptance the applicant will have the opportunity to stand in front of the church and affirm the member's covenant publicly. 


Watch Understanding Church Membership prior to your interview.
Have questions about the materials or process? Contact Orval Foraker.
Membership Videos: these videos are very helpful and all applicants are encouraged to watch them.
Check out more resources here: